In early August, I wrote about excitement around community involvement. To re-cap, throughout my career up until recently, my passion for network engineering was kept mainly to myself. Within the last couple of years I started listening to tech/networking related podcasts and started this blog site earlier this year. This summer, I found a podcastContinue reading “BE A PART OF IT!”

Work It!

Whether you are studying for a certification exam, wanting to retain a skill set, or just trying something out, a lab environment can be incredibly helpful. This is nothing new and many people will give this recommendation, I just feel strongly enough about it to echo the advice. There is just something about learning byContinue reading “Work It!”

Community Excitement

I take my work, and career in general very seriously. Not only because I have a family, but I am fortunate enough to be passionate about my work. I thrive on having a purpose. I also have a constant desire to learn and grow, and in the last year or so, I started getting intoContinue reading “Community Excitement”

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