Cloud Essentials+ Journey – Cloud Deployment Models

Most recently in this series, we took a look at the different available cloud service models of Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). At a high level, the cloud service models describe what is being delivered to consumers. In this post, we’ll explore cloud deploymentContinue reading “Cloud Essentials+ Journey – Cloud Deployment Models”

Cloud Essentials+ Journey – Cloud Service Models

So far in this series, we have covered a definition of the cloud and gone through the various cloud characteristics. In this post, we will get into the different ways cloud services can be delivered or consumed. These are known as the different cloud service models. Cloud service models describe what specifically is being deliveredContinue reading “Cloud Essentials+ Journey – Cloud Service Models”

Cloud Essentials+ Journey – Cloud Characteristics

Like I had stated in the introductory post for this series, I had thought the cloud was really just someone else’s data center, and that’s it. So, if I’m hosting someone’s applications in my data center, I’m the cloud, right? Well…maybe. While hosting of data and applications is big piece to the puzzle, there isContinue reading “Cloud Essentials+ Journey – Cloud Characteristics”

Cloud Essentials+ Journey – The Beginning

Much of my career has been focused on network administration and network engineering. I won’t say that I have ever specialized in any one given aspect of network engineering, but I will say that I have gotten the most enjoyment out of routing and switching. I think the reasoning behind that is that many high-levelContinue reading “Cloud Essentials+ Journey – The Beginning”

Book Reaction: ‘The Power of Regret’

I think we’ve all heard these two words uttered from different people we’ve come across, and maybe even said them ourselves a few times when asked about the past: “no regrets”. Why does this seem to be said so often? I think it’s human nature to to try not to dwell on the past whenContinue reading “Book Reaction: ‘The Power of Regret’”

DHCP Snooping – The Helpful Nosy Neighbor

It can turn into a nightmare scenario in a heartbeat. Your phone starts erupting with calls and incidents that people in a specific area simply “cannot connect to the network”. After you dust yourself off from coming to terms that you first have to determine what cannot connect actually means, you frantically get to work.Continue reading “DHCP Snooping – The Helpful Nosy Neighbor”

ENSLD Journey – The Intro

I have a 2022 goal of achieving the CCNP Enterprise certification. Late last year, I passed the ENCOR exam and now need to pass one of the concentration exams to achieve the full CCNP certification. Due to my interests, I have decided to go for the design specialization. To achieve this specialization, I need toContinue reading “ENSLD Journey – The Intro”

Challenges and Opportunities – Year Over Year

At the end of 2020, I made a conscious decision that 2021 was going to be different. Now, I should say that things had been going well. I had been happy with my career and home/family life. However, there was something missing. I had never really set solid goals for myself. I would always justContinue reading “Challenges and Opportunities – Year Over Year”

NFD26 – Performance Monitoring w/ NetBeez

The NFD26 series of posts are my commentary from specific presentations held for Networking Field Day 26, a virtual event presented by Tech Field Day. Let’s face it. None of us like getting that call. You know which one I’m talking about. The one that makes you cringe immediately when your brain processes it. TheContinue reading “NFD26 – Performance Monitoring w/ NetBeez”