Cloud Essentials+ Journey – Request for What?

Purchasing and implementing new solutions is a big part of the game for IT departments. Any time we deal with purchasing new gear or solutions, we are working with vendors, partners, and resellers. When working with these outside entities, there are different requests that we can draft to send to our partners/resellers/service providers. These areContinue reading “Cloud Essentials+ Journey – Request for What?”

Security+ Journey – The Beginning

From a learning an growth perspective, I have decided (at least for now) to lean more toward “going wide” than “going deep/narrow” in facets of information technology. I have enjoyed changing things up and broadening my knowledge and skillsets. Especially for the role that I am in currently, it makes sense to gain at leastContinue reading “Security+ Journey – The Beginning”

Cloud Essentials+ Journey – Cloud Migration Phases

Writing from experience, without knowing much about it, “moving to the cloud” can be a nebulous concept. It seems easy to just think that, “hey, we have applications hosted in our data center today, then tomorrow they will be in the cloud.” However, a cloud migration is much more than that. A fair amount ofContinue reading “Cloud Essentials+ Journey – Cloud Migration Phases”

Cloud Essentials+ Journey – What’s Your ‘Objective’?

In the previous post in this series titled Be Ready for ‘Anything’, we introduced the concept of disaster recovery. While organizations can do their best to design and implement redundant, highly available systems, disaster recovery plans still need to be made to handle the recovery process from large downtimes and/or disasters when they happen. DisasterContinue reading “Cloud Essentials+ Journey – What’s Your ‘Objective’?”

Cloud Essentials+ Journey – Be Ready for ‘Anything’

An application or service is really only good to a consumer if it is functional and available for use. As much as we may wish they wouldn’t, IT systems break, go offline, and thus become unavailable. With this in mind, we know that if our business and customers cannot tolerate certain amounts of downtime, weContinue reading “Cloud Essentials+ Journey – Be Ready for ‘Anything’”

Cloud Essentials+ Journey – Software-Defined Networking

Networks have definitely been evolving over the years. While you can certainly still build and manage networks the good old fashioned way with the command line interface and interacting with your network on a device by device basis, there are definitely alternatives. There are technologies, applications, and systems that will automate your network operations andContinue reading “Cloud Essentials+ Journey – Software-Defined Networking”

Cloud Essentials+ Journey – Content Delivery Networks

One of the major benefits of leveraging cloud services is the ability to spin up resources quickly. Depending on what consumers are deploying in the cloud, they, or perhaps their customers may also want fast access and good performance to those services and data. For instance, let’s say you run a video streaming platform. YouContinue reading “Cloud Essentials+ Journey – Content Delivery Networks”

Cloud Essentials+ Journey – Shared Responsibility

Although it goes without saying, especially these days; when it comes to information technology infrastructure and data, security is paramount. That goes for both on-premises infrastructure and data, as well as cloud-hosted. I want to dive more into the cloud side of this thought. People have been running workloads, applications, and services in private, on-premisesContinue reading “Cloud Essentials+ Journey – Shared Responsibility”