Learning Log – ENCOR Update

As I continue to prepare for the Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (350-401 ENCOR) exam, I wanted to give an update. The main reason for this post is to share some small “successes” in an attempt to give you all some encouragement to get out there and learn. I wouldn’t call myself an expert in anything, but I have a constant curiosity and drive to move forward, which is good enough for me. What I think really makes learning worth it are those “ah-ha!” moments when things just start to make sense. There are a couple of topics that haven’t been the clearest to me in the past, which are multicast and QoS. I’ve never really taken the time before now to really understand the concepts. When approaching these in the past, I’ve tried to go in depth right away versus trying to understand the basics first. This is one reason why I like studying for certifications. It gives you the opportunity to understand to understand the concepts and the “whys” instead of just the “hows”.

My questions for you out of this post are what drives you to learn and what are the tools and methods you use to get the best result out of learning something new?

Published by Tim Bertino

Systems Architect passionate about solutions and design.

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