Automation Journey – The Beginning…Again

It’s time. Time that I make a conscious effort to start learning concepts and leveraging tools to dive into network automation. I have heard a lot of advice for a while now that a great way to become a better network engineer is to automate repetitive tasks so that you can spend time providing valueContinue reading “Automation Journey – The Beginning…Again”

ENCOR Journey – STP Features

In the last installment of this series, I keyed in on the STP feature of PortFast. In this post, I wanted to highlight two more STP features, or “add-ons”, that I think are very important for controlling and securing the Layer 2 domains. Those two features are BPDU guard and root guard. Both features areContinue reading “ENCOR Journey – STP Features”

Podcast Review – ZigBits Episode 70

Podcast: ZigBits Network Design Podcast Episode: 70 – Demystifying the Role of the Network Engineer with Ethan Banks For a while now on the podcast, Zig has been doing a series of “Demystifying the Role of the Network Engineer” episodes with various guests. In this episode, Zig sits down with Ethan Banks to get hisContinue reading “Podcast Review – ZigBits Episode 70”

ENCOR Journey – STP Portfast

I have been going through Spanning-Tree Protocol study for the last week or so and wanted to highlight a key part of the portfast feature that had not really hit me (and stuck) until now. I’ve known that a big reason and benefit of the portfast feature is to move interfaces (typically access ports) toContinue reading “ENCOR Journey – STP Portfast”


I have been around OSPF for some time now, but I had not until recently (while studying for ENCOR), done a deep dive into understanding how to read and understand the link state database (LSDB). The LSDB essentially contains route reachability information for all known OSPF routes in a network and is built from sixContinue reading “ENCOR Journey – OSPF LSDB”

Podcast Review – AONE – The OG of IT

Podcast: The Art of Network Engineering (AONE) Episodes: 22 and 23 – The OG of IT In this exciting two-parter, the crew sits down with none other than Keith Barker. Yes, that Keith Barker, Mr. CBT Nuggets himself! My “introduction” to Keith was a while back when I was searching the internet for a betterContinue reading “Podcast Review – AONE – The OG of IT”

ENCOR Journey Series

As I have progressed through my study toward the Cisco ENCOR exam, I have received some really solid advice. First, as far as materials, I have been leveraging the following: CCNP and CCIE Enterprise Core ENCOR 350-401 Official Cert Guide Cisco On Demand E-Learning CBT Nuggets Cisco VIRL/CML Mind maps Just starting digital flashcards (specialContinue reading “ENCOR Journey Series”

Podcast Review – ZigBits Episode 67

Podcast: ZigBits Network Design Podcast Episode: 67 – Top 5 Network Design Principles with Daren Fulwell This episode of the ZigBits Network Design Podcast around network design fundamentals was the inspiration for me to start this blog series around podcast reviews. Either with work or study, I’m always finding myself thinking about design. I thinkContinue reading “Podcast Review – ZigBits Episode 67”